Novamac Apple (B118 Semi-Dwarf)

Novamac Apple (B118 Semi-Dwarf)
Novamac has performed very well in our test orchard and has proven to be very easy to grow. A scab resistant variety developed at Kentville, NS, Novamac has a nice winey tang but also lots of sweetness. The flesh is firmer than its name-sake McIntosh, and it ripens earlier. It is also resistant to canker and fireblight. This is a variety that deserves more attention.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 4

Recommended Use: fresh eating, cooking

Ripens: Early September

Pollination: Requires a pollinator

Height including roots: 100-200 cm one-year tree

Tree Attributes
Age One Year
Hardiness Zone 4
Ripens September - Early
Size Dwarf
Pollination Requires a pollinator
Use: fresh eating fresh eating
Use: cooking / baking cooking / baking
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