Planting instructions for bare root Nursery stok

The Basics...

¨ Plant immediately

¨ Protect trees from warmth & freezing (0° C to 5°C is ideal)

¨ Prune off the top 1/3 of each tree after planting

¨ Water new plants weekly in the first year

¨ Protect each tree with a plastic guard before winter

And a little more detail…

Timely planting of bare root plants is essential for success. The trees have been freshly dug or stored in a controlled environment at the nursery until delivered to you.

Nursery stock should be planted at the same height or a little deeper than it grew in the nursery. Leaving roots exposed will stress the plant. However, be careful that the grafted portion of the tree is not buried, or it may take root and “bypass” any dwarfing effect of the rootstock.

Pruning off the top 1/3 of the tree may seem drastic, but it is very important. The roots will have less top growth to feed until they become established.

Water is the most important nutrient for newly planted trees. Water trees at planting time and at least weekly when there is less than one inch of rainfall per week.

Plastic spiral guards are recommended for effective protection against mouse and rabbit damage. Apply the guards in the Fall, and push them down slightly into the soil.

In reasonably healthy soil, fertilizing is not necessary. Concentrations of fertilizer (including manure and compost) in close proximity to the roots can have a burning effect. Mulching the top of the soil is highly recommended as the practice conserves moisture and helps to slowly release nutrients into the soil. Where required, fertilize with bone meal or another high phosphorus product and mix it thoroughly into the hole before planting.