Product Guarantee

If you buy a tree from us
And plant it swiftly out,
We’ll guarantee that it’s alive
And soon the buds will sprout.

And if you’ve kept it watered
Yet leaves you fail to see,
Inform us in three months’ time,
And we’ll credit you cheerfully.

But if you fail to water it,
We also guarantee
That it will almost surely die
Or be a runty tree.

And if you do not prune it
When fi rst you plant it out,
‘Twill likely drop most all its leaves
When comes the August drought.

And if you will not stake it
Ere winds and rains are seen,
And ere the roots establish,
We guarantee that it will lean.

Oh and if you don’t protect it
When comes the snow and ice,
We’ll guarantee it girdled
By rabbits and/or mice.

So if you’ve read these warnings
And with the terms agree,
Then by all means don’t hesitate
To buy from us a tree!

All nursery stock, whether potted or bare root, is guaranteed to be living and healthy at time of
delivery. All claims to the contrary must be made within 90 days from time of delivery.

All claims must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice. The buyer agrees that refunds for
nursery stock will be issued in the form of a store credit. Credits are limited to the purchase
price of the tree, not including shipping. Where possible, we offer you the choice of a
replacement instead of a credit.

We are committed to your satisfaction. If you feel that your experience with Silver Creek
Nursery was unsatisfactory in any way, please let us know.

If you are happy with your experience, please tell your friends and consider giving Silver
Creek Nursery a 5-star review on our Google profile or on!