Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fruit tree should I plant?

Some fruit tree varieties are known for their hardiness; others can be more difficult to grow depending on location and conditions.

Determine your Canadian Hardiness Zone

Generally speaking, Apple trees and Pear trees are easier to grow and are hardier than some other fruit tree varieties such Peach trees, Cherry trees, and Apricot trees.

When is the best time to order bare root trees?

We accept orders year-round. Bare root Apple trees and Pear trees are available in the Spring, with shipping in April and May; and in the Fall, with shipping at the beginning of November. All other varieties of bare root trees are available for Spring shipping.

How many trees do I have to order?

There is no minimum or maximum number of trees that you can order. Orders of fifty or more trees, in bundles of ten per variety, are eligible for wholesale pricing. Orders of 10-24 trees qualify for a 10% discount, and orders of 25-49 trees will be discounted by 15%.

Do you have potted trees for sale?

Yes. A variety of potted fruit trees are available for pick up at our nursery in Wellesley. Please check online for our hours and current stock or call ahead (519-804-6060).

Can you ship bare root trees to me?

Yes. We ship trees via FedEx Ground Service to all provinces in Canada, with the exception of British Columbia and Newfoundland due to regulations.

How well do the trees survive the shipping process?

Bare root trees have their roots wrapped in moist sawdust, then they are carefully boxed for shipping. Generally, the trees do very well. Bare root trees should be planted immediately after shipping, following the enclosed instructions for planting and pruning.

How tall will my trees grow?

Apple trees are available in either Dwarf or Semi-Dwarf varieties.

  • Dwarf Apple trees - approximately 2 m (need support of a trellis, fence or wall)
  • Semi-dwarf Apple trees - approximately 4 m

Pear trees are available as Dwarf or Full-size trees.

  • Dwarf Pear trees - approximately 3 m (need support of a trellis, fence or wall)
  • Full-size Pear trees - up to 10 m

Quince and Plum Trees are Full-size trees.

  • Quince trees - approximately 3-4 m
  • Plum trees - approximately 4 m

Peach, Apricot and Cherry trees are Full-size trees.

  • Peach trees - approximately 4 m
  • Apricot trees - approximately 4 m
  • Cherry trees - approximately 4 m
  • Compact Stella Cherry and Compact Van Cherry trees - approximately 2.5 - 3 m
How soon will my trees produce fruit?

Apple trees and Plum trees range from 2-4 years.

Cherry trees, Quince trees, Apricot trees, and Peach trees range from 3-4 years.

Pear trees may take up to 5-6 years.