About Us

Silver Creek Nursery is a small fruit tree nursery located in Wellesley, Ontario. The nursery specializes in heritage apple trees, with over 75 varieties in the current catalogue. Pear, plum, peach, quince, apricot, and cherry trees are also available, as well as currants and raspberries.

Ken Roth started Silver Creek Nursery in 2009 with a vision to provide fruit trees that are well-suited to backyards and small orchards. He is particularly interested in varieties that are disease-resistant and low maintenance, or that have unique characteristics.

Trees are available at the nursery in bare root form. Although there are also a few potted trees for those customers who are unprepared for the bare root trees, Ken recommends bare root planting hands-down. Bare root trees have consistently out-performed potted trees in the nursery test orchard. Potted tree roots can be slow to venture out of the soil ball even after planting, whereas bare root trees immediately extend their root system into their new home and tap into the nutrient supply of the soil. Buying bare root trees is also a good way to reduce your carbon footprint as a lot of energy is expended in the production of potting soil and plastic pots. Bare root trees are also easier on your wallet.

At the nursery, the nursery stock and test orchard are maintained using a holistic approach. Rather than synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides, the trees are fed with natural and organic materials such as kelp and soybean meal. We believe that healthy soil biology is the foundation for a healthy crop. Eliminating the use of chemical pesticides, even those permitted under organic certification, is essential to maintaining healthy populations of beneficial fungi, worms, and microbiology in the soil. These beneficials in the soil feed our trees, making them healthy and robust.