Sour Cherry Trees

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Carmine Jewel Sour Cherry

Dwarf shrub. A productive cultivar with samll cherries that have a high flesh-to-pit ratio. Hardy to..


Crimson Passion Sour Cherry

Dwarf shrub. Bred in the University of Saskatchewan, Crimson Passion produces large sweet fruit, exc..


Juliet Sour Cherry

Average yield with medium-sized fruit. Excellent variety for the fresh market or processing. Hardy t..


Meteor Sour Cherry (Mahaleb Full-Size)

Winter hardiness, reliable cropping, and good resistance to leaf spot make Meteor a good choice for ..


Montmorency Sour Cherry (Mahaleb Full-Size)

Montmorency is the old standby of sour cherries in Canada. This variety comes from France, and is ov..


North Star Sour Cherry (Mahaleb Full-Size)

North Star is a Morello sour cherry with deep red skin and dark meaty flesh and dark juice. The tree..